Tungsten Carbide Cutter

Tungsten carbide bur,also we could call it tungsten carbide trimmer,carbide cutter.used with low speed handpiece,for dental lab,podiatry,footcare,nail,manicure,jewellery,adjusting denture etc.


1. Dimensions:
A) Shank diameter: The burs are ISO# 104 Handpiece shank(2.35mm or 3/32 inch diameter)
B) Length: 45mm 

2. 5 different grits:
223: Super Coarse( SCC) Ring Color: Black
220, 215: Coarse (CC, CP) Ring Color: Green
190, 175: Medium, Standard (SC, SP) Ring Color: Blue
140: Fine (FC) Ring Color: Red
110: Extra Fine(EFC) Ring Color: Yellow

3. Two fissures:
Double cut (Cross cut)
Single Cut( Plain Cut)

4. Three surface colors:
Self-colored(not plated)
Siliver(Nickel plated)
Gold(Titanium plated)

5. We could supply OEM service.

Tungsten carbide bur use in dental practices and dental laboratories. Use these lab burrs for trimming, carving, and finishing acrylic dentures and chrome-cobal cases. These carbide burs provide the ultimate in toughness and durability. Precision ground flutes are razor sharp and assure resistance to gumming and clogging. 

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