HP Diamond Bur

Low speed diamond burs used for dental lab, Podiatry, Manicure, Pedicure, Veterinary Care and the Jewelry Industry.Also we could call the HP diamond bur as low speed diamond bur,dental lab diamond bur,lab bur and so on.

1. Dimensions:
A) Shank diameter: 3/32" inch (2.35mm); HP burs
B) Length: 45mm
2. Diamond grit: #80 - #200 available 
    Coarse:#80-#100,Green Ring
    Standard:#120,Blue Ring
    Fine:#180-#200,Yellow Ring

3. Smooth cutting surface and used for low speed handpieces

New Products for podiatry:

foot bud diamond bur

Bud Diamond Podiatry Bur
All burs have the standard 2.35 mm (3/32") shaft(Stainless steel),45mm length are compatible with most drills.
ISO# 104 Handpiece (HP) shank for low-speed,
1.The most popular pattern for nail reduction
2.Diamond Coated Bur for sanding when used with a chiropody drill.