FG Silicone Dental Polisher

Silicon Dental Polisher (FG/RA) also we coud call it silicone rubber polisher

Below is some presentation about our dental polisher:


Shaft:1.6mm/1/16" inch shank,latch(RA)

Specialized for dental clinics' use to Grinding, Polishing.

Mainly used for porcelain tooth surface, tooth crown, tooth slot, connecting points fine finishing and polishing.

Also used for true tooth, enamel, resin workpieces finishing and polishing.

Granularity: Coarse, Medium, Fine, which are classified clearly by different colors.

The Max R. P. M.: 12000

More than 20 specifications are developed to satisfy your professional and precise requirement;
Special burs for jewery workpieces are also provided.

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