Dental Diamond Bur

Fway manufacture dental diamond burs,Our diamond burs are similar to some popualr diamond burs' brand.Dental diamond burs sometimes also called dental drill,micro drill.used with high speed diamond burs are mostly used in dental clinic.diamond burs are good friend to dentist.

1) Shank(shaft): 1.6mm or 1/16" inch (FG)
2) Rotation speed: 300, 000 rpm -- 500, 000rpm
3) Grit size:
    Coarse(C)/125μ-150μ Green Ring
    Standard(S)/106μ-125μ Blue Ring
    Fine(F)/53μ-63μ Red Ring
Extra Fine(EF)/20μ-30μ Yellow Ring
4) Stainless steel body 

Fway dental diamond burs' shape:
FG Dental Burs(Standard):Taper Flat End(TF),Taper Round End(TR),Taper Conical End(TC),Flame Ogival End(FO) and so on.
FG Dental Burs for children:CD Seires.

coarse round dental diamond bur FG dentist diamond burround shape dental diamond bur 1.6mm shank diamond bur10 pcs packing for dental diamond bur high speed dental diamond bur